Hello there! I'm Sydney.
Let me introduce myself.

Raised in Louisville, KY, I have been surrounded by originality my entire life. ​I've lived in Kentucky for most of my life, but decided to attend college in the dreaded cold of Kent, Ohio at Kent State University. I recently graduated in fall 2018, majoring in Visual Communication Design and minoring in Marketing.

In design, I enjoy pushing myself out of the box by creating innovative works that showcase not only who I am, but who the client is (which explains my love for branding and typography). My favorite part of design is finally reaching a solution and comparing the end result to the entire journey. After all, design is never just the end product, but also the process and journey of reaching it.

When I don't have an idea in the works, you can find me in an art museum, petting dogs, scrolling through Tumblr, or binging shows on Netflix. In an ideal world, I'd be able to do all this at once.

Shoot me a message at sgeller@kent.edu

I spent my last semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy! Check out my adventures on my blog, The Traveling Bean.
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